Question: Multiple Choice Questions 1 To what does the Locard exchange

Multiple Choice Questions
1. To what does the Locard exchange principle relate?
a. Connecting suspects to evidence.
b. Connecting evidence to traces.
c. Linking suspects to contacts.
d. Linking contacts to crimes.

2. Identification occurs only when some characteristic, set of characteristics, or pattern of characteristics can be said to apply uniquely to which of the following?
a. Group of suspects.
b. Object or individual.
c. “Class.”
d. Direct evidence.

3. Points of identification are another name for which of following?
a. Characteristics.
b. Class objects.
c. Forensic objects.
d. None of the above.

4. Which describes the very best science, such as DNA analysis, in forensic identification?
a. Certain evidence.
b. Irrefutable evidence.
c. Evidence only with a nexus to the Locard principle.
d. Fallible evidence.

5. Which of the following describes fingerprint identification?
a. Provides certain identification.
b. Provides likely identification.
c. Provides no identification.
d. Provides mixed identification.

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