Multiple choice questions 1 Unit analysis of an equation cannot tell
Multiple choice questions
1. Unit analysis of an equation cannot tell you if
(a) The equation is dimensionally correct,
(b) The equation is physically correct,
(c) The numerical value is correct,
(d) Both b and c. d
2. Agood way to ensure proper unit conversion is to
(a) Use another measurement instrument,
(b) Always work in the same system of units,
(c) Use unit analysis,
(d) Have someone check your math.
3. You often see 1 kg = 2.2lb. This expression means that
(a) 1 kg is equivalent to 2.2 lb,
(b) This is a true equation,
(c) 1 lb = 2.2 kg.,
(d) None of the preceding.
4. You have a quantity of water and wish to express this in volume units that give the largest number. Which of the following units should be used:
(a) in3,
(b) mL,
(c) μL,
(d) cm3?
5. Which of the following has the greatest number of significant figures?
(a) 103.07,
(b) 124.5,
(c) 0.09916,
(d) 5.408 x 105?
6. Which of the following numbers has four significant figures:
(a) 140.05,
(b) 276.02,
(c) 0.004 006,
(d) 0.073 004?
7. In a multiplication division operation involving the numbers 15 437, 201.08, and , the result should have how many significant figures:
(a) 3,
(b) 4,
(c) 5,
(d) Any number?
8. An important step in problem solving before mathematically solving an equation is
(a) Checking units,
(b) Checking significant figures,
(c) Checking with a friend,
(d) Checking to see if the result will be reasonable.
9. An important final step in problem solving before reporting an answer is
(a) Saving your calculations,
(b) Reading the problem again,
(c) Seeing if the answer is reasonable,
(d) Checking your results with another student.
10. In order-of-magnitude calculations, you should
(a) Pay close attention to significant figures,
(b) Work primarily in the British system,
(c) Get results within a factor of 100,
(d) Express a quantity to the power of 10 closest to the actual value.
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