Question: Multiple Choice Questions 1 Which of the following is an appraisal

Multiple Choice Questions
1. Which of the following is an appraisal cost (quality)?
a. Manager of an inspection team
b. Quality reporting
c. Design reviews
d. Warranties
e. Retesting
2. Which of the following is an internal failure cost (quality)?
a. Supplier evaluation and selection
b. Packaging inspection
c. Retesting
d. Product liability
e. Complaint adjustment
3. Which of the following is an external failure cost (quality)?
a. Design reviews
b. Retesting
c. Rework
d. Lost sales e. All of these
4. Which of the following represents environmental detection costs?
a. Depreciation on scrubbers
b. Recycling products
c. Disposing of toxic materials
d. Carrying out contamination tests
e. None of these
5. An example of an environmental internal failure cost is
a. Cleaning up oil spills.
b. Damaging ecosystems from solid waste disposal.
c. Cost of operating scrubbers.
d. Measuring levels of contamination.
e. None of these.
6. An example of a societal cost is
a. Medical care due to polluted air.
b. Recycling scrap.
c. Disposing of toxic materials.
d. Maintaining pollution equipment.
e. All of these.
7. An example of an environmental prevention cost is
a. Restoring land to its natural state.
b. Auditing environmental activities.
c. Licensing facilities for producing contaminants.
d. Developing environmental management systems.
e. Treating toxic materials.

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