Multiple Choice Questions 1 Which of the following statements is
Multiple Choice Questions:
1. Which of the following statements is correct?
a. Mediation more closely resembles court litigation than arbitration.
b. Arbitration more closely resembles court litigation that does mediation.
c. Mediation and arbitration both closely resemble court litigation.
d. Neither mediation nor arbitration resembles court litigation.

2. As compared to court litigation, the rules of evidence in mediation or arbitration are likely to be which of the following?
a. More strict.
b. More liberal.
c. About the same.
d. It depends on whether the ADR method is mediation or arbitration.

3. Mediation works best in which of the following?
a. Evaluative mediation.
b. Facilitative mediation.
c. When the opposing parties are prepared to compromise.
d. When both parties have a cordial relationship before the dispute arises.

4. Advantages of mediation include which of these?
a. Mediation is a sure way to resolve a dispute.
b. Mediation costs less that litigation.
c. In mediation, the disputing parties tend to take ownership of the resolution.
d. All of these are advantages of mediation.

5. In labor dispute arbitration, the arbitration process tends to favor which of these?
a. Labor.
b. Management.
c. Neither.
d. The answer is entirely situation specific.

6. Which of the following areas would not be applicable to ADR?
a. Union contract disputes.
b. Divorce.
c. Accounting practice.
d. All of these areas are applicable to ADR.

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