Question: Multiple Choice Questions 1 Which of the following words should

Multiple Choice Questions
1.. Which of the following words should be avoided during the introductory and informational phases of the interview?
a. Assignment.
b. Examination.
c. Inquiry.
d. All of the above words are acceptable.

2. The interviewer uses concluding questions to:
a. Provide the interviewer’s opinion on the likelihood of guilt to the subject.
b. Request a final opinion from the subject as to the guilt of another person.
c. Gather additional information not provided earlier.
d. None of the above.

3. Subjects who are not guilty usually respond to assessment questions:
a. Slowly, carefully considering the questions and the implications of their answers.
b. Without hesitation.
c. Indirectly, so that the interviewer has more information.
d. Reluctantly due to a desire to show kindness toward others.

4. A guilty person is likely to respond to the question “What is the reason a person might take money from the cash register?” by saying:
a. “Maybe she needs to feed her children and she’s not being paid enough.”
b. “I don’t know; he probably had a good reason.”
c. “There’s no good reason to take money that’s not yours.
d. Both a and b.

5. An example of a sentence that includes a qualifier is:
a. “I’m not sure.”
b. “She’s at the teller window just about all the time.”
c. “I’m certain the person who committed the fraud is Jim.”
d. None of the above sentences contains a qualifier.

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