Multiple choice questions.
Consider the following REA model in responding to the questions below; it represents the system by which members of the accounting club at Big State University are reimbursed when they incur expenses on the club’s behalf.
1. Which of the following is an external agent?
a. Member
b. Officer
c. Advisor
d. Financial services
2. How many junction tables are indicated in the REA model?
a. Zero
b. One
c. Two
d. More than two
3. Which of the following statements is most true?
a. A disbursement request can be split into one or more checks.
b. A check can cover multiple disbursement requests.
c. Neither a nor b.
d. Both a and b.
4. All of the following statements are true except:
a. An advisor must sign every disbursement request.
b. At least one officer must sign every disbursement request.
c. All disbursement requests must be signed by two officers.
d. Receipts may be presented by either an officer or a member.
5. Which of the following would be a foreign key in the “prepare disbursement request” table?
a. The primary key from the “present receipt” table
b. The primary key from the “receipt” table
c. Both a and b
d. Neither a nor b

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