Question: Multiple Choice Questions Franklin Glass Works uses a standard c

Multiple Choice Questions
Franklin Glass Works uses a standard cost system in which manufacturing overhead is applied on the basis of standard direct labor-hours. Each unit requires two standard hours of direct labor for completion. The denominator activity for the year was based on budgeted production of 200,000 units. Total overhead was budgeted at $900,000 for the year, and the fixed manufacturing overhead rate was $1.50 per direct labor-hour. The actual data pertaining to the manufacturing overhead for the year are presented below:
Actual production .............. 198,000 units
Actual direct labor-hours ............ 440,000 direct labor-hours
Actual variable manufacturing overhead...... $352,000
Actual fixed manufacturing overhead....... $575,000
1. The standard hours allowed for actual production for the year total:
A. 247,500 B. 396,000 C. 400,000 D. 495,000 2. Franklin's variable overhead efficiency variance for the year is: 
A. $33,000 unfavorable
B. $35,200 favorable
C. $35,200 unfavorable
D. $33,000 favorable
3. Franklin's variable overhead rate variance for the year is: 
A. $20,000 unfavorable
B. $22,000 favorable
C. $22,000 unfavorable
D. $20,000 favorable 
4. The fixed manufacturing overhead applied to Franklin's production for the year is: 
A. $484,200 B. $575,000 C. $594,000 D. $600,000
5. Franklin's Production volume variance for the year is: 
A. $6,000 unfavorable

B. $19,000 favorable
C. $25,000 favorable
D. $55,000 unfavorable

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