Murphy s Bagel Shops is a chain of bagel eateries supported
Murphy's Bagel Shops is a chain of bagel eateries supported by a central bakery. Most raw materials are delivered to MBS's bakery where the ingredients are inspected for quality and then stored in the raw materials warehouse, which is located on the bakery's second floor. The second floor is also where the ingredients are measured into batch quantities before being inserted into the bagel dough blender. Two hundred-pound batches of each bagel blend are mixed for about one hour. The mixed dough is then extruded into bagel shapes and placed on flat baking pans. The full pans are placed in "shipping racks" which are then sent about fifty yards to the shipping area.
Each day, the shops order bagel blanks in increments of the number on each flat baking pan. The shipping department rearranges the number of each type of bagels on each shipping rack to assure that the number shipped to a given bagel shop matches the number ordered. Each shop's filled shipping rack are segregated by the delivery department to assure that the incoming trucks can be accurately and quickly loaded. Loading a truck requires approximately 20 minutes. The bagel dough rises during the transportation process for about forty minutes. The trucks are scheduled to arrive at each bagel shop at 5 o'clock in the morning. There the bagel shop crew unloads each shipping rack, places any surface ingredients, i.e., poppy seeds, to the bagel trays as needed, and then places them either into the shop's ovens or the raw bagel storage area. It takes approximately 40 minutes to cook most bagels. Trays of cooked bagels are removed from the ovens and placed in the bagel cooling area.
Once sufficiently cooled, the fresh bagels are placed into the retail area displays that are designed to send bagel-scented air in the direction of the customer-seating area. Fresh bagels are cooked each morning as needed. Unsold bagels are packaged into six-pack bags and sold at a discount after 2 PM.
a. Prepare a process flow diagram of the above business.
b. Indicate the operations in which value is being added.
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