Question: MVP Inc has produced rodeo supplies for over 20 years

MVP, Inc., has produced rodeo supplies for over 20 years. The company currently has a debt–equity ratio of 50 percent and is in the 40 percent tax bracket. The required return on the firm’s levered equity is 16 percent. MVP is planning to expand its production capacity. The equipment to be purchased is expected to generate the following unlevered cash flows:
Year Cash Flow
0 ........ –$18,000,000
1 ........ 5,700,000
2 ........ 9,500,000
3 ........ 8,800,000
The company has arranged a $9.3 million debt issue to partially finance the expansion. Under the loan, the company would pay interest of 9 percent at the end of each year on the outstanding balance at the beginning of the year. The company would also make year-end principal payments of $3,100,000 per year, completely retiring the issue by the end of the third year. Using the adjusted present value method, should the company proceed with the expansion?

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