Name Brand Company is to be liquidated under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code. The balance sheet on July 31, 20X1, follows:

Additional Information
1. Marketable securities consist of 1,000 shares of Wooly Inc. common stock. The stock’s market value per share is $22. The stock was pledged against a $28,000, 10 percent note payable that has accrued interest of $1,400.
2. Accounts receivable of $50,000 are collateral for a $40,000, 12 percent note payable that has accrued interest of $4,000.
3. Inventory with a book value of $79,000 and a current value of $75,000 is pledged against accounts payable of $105,000. The appraised value of the remainder of the inventory is $76,000.
4. Only $1,500 will be recovered from prepaid insurance.
5. Land is appraised at $110,000 and plant and equipment at $340,000.
6. It is estimated that the franchises can be sold for $30,000.
7. All wages payable qualify for priority.
8. The mortgages are on the land and a building with a book value of $162,000 and an appraised value of $150,000. The accrued interest on the mortgages is $14,600.
9. Estimated legal and accounting fees for the liquidation are $13,000.

a. Prepare a statement of affairs as of July 31, 20X1.
b. Compute the estimated percentage settlement to unsecuredcreditors.

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