Question: Nancy and Al have been planning their retirement since they

Nancy and Al have been planning their retirement since they married in their early 20s. In their mid 40s and with two children in college, they are finding it harder to save and fear they will fall short of the savings needed to reach their retirement goals. Nancy’s rich Uncle Charlie assures her she has nothing to worry about. “You are my favorite niece and because you are so good to me, I am leaving my entire estate to you,” he said. Nancy and Al begin devoting considerable time and energy to making Uncle Charlie’s golden years as enjoyable as possible. Factoring in their anticipated inheritance, Nancy and Al look forward to a comfortable retirement. Ten years later, Uncle Charlie passes away. At the reading of his will, Nancy is surprised to learn that Uncle Charlie made the same comment to her four cousins. As the will is read, all five of the cousins are horrified to find that Uncle Charlie left his entire estate, valued at over $ 2 million, to a home for stray cats.
a. Fully discuss your views on the ethics of Uncle Charlie’s actions.
b. Looking at Nancy and Al’s experience, what lessons about retirement planning can be learned?

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