Question: Nanotechnology has become an important field with applications ranging from

Nanotechnology has become an important field, with applications ranging from high-density data storage to the design of “nano machines.” One common building block of nanostructured architectures is manganese oxide nanoparticles. The particles can be formed from manganese oxalate nanorods, the formation of which can be described as follows:
Mn2+(aq) + C2O4 2-(aq) ⇌ MnC2O4(aq) K1 = 7.9 × 103
MnC2O4(aq) + C2O42-(aq) ⇌ Mn(C2O4) 22-(aq) K2 = 7.9 × 101
Calculate the value for the overall formation constant for Mn(C2O4)222:

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