Nashler Company has the following budgeted variable costs per unit produced:
Direct materials ....... $7.20
Direct labor ....... 1.54
Variable overhead:
Supplies ....... 0.23
Maintenance ....... 0.19
Power ........... 0.18
Budgeted fixed overhead costs per month include supervision of $98,000, depreciation of $76,000, and other overhead of $245,000.
1. Prepare a flexible budget for all costs of production for the following levels of production: 160,000 units, 170,000 units, and 175,000 units.
2. What is the per-unit total product cost for each of the production levels from Requirement 1? (Round each unit cost to the nearest cent.)
3. What if Nashler Company’s cost of maintenance rose to $0.22 per unit? How would that affect the unit product costs calculated in Requirement 2?

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