National education officials are concerned that there may be a large number of low-income students who are eligible for free lunches in their schools. They also believe that the percentage of students eligible for free lunches is larger in rural areas.
As part of a larger research study you have been asked to determine if rural counties have a greater percentage of students eligible for free lunches compared to urban residents. In this part of the study you are to answer the free-lunch-eligibility question for each of the three states, California, Texas, and Florida. For this study you will have to learn how to create subsets from large data files using your local statistical package.
Assistance for that effort can be obtained from your professor, teaching assistant, the Help option in your statistical package, or similar sources. As your study begins, you obtain the data file Food Nutrition Atlas-
described in the Chapter 9 appendix-which contains a number of health and nutrition variables measured over counties in the United States. Perform an analysis to determine if there is strong evidence to conclude that rural residents have higher rates of eligibility for free lunches and prepare a short report on your results.

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