Question: Newly formed T M Steel Corporation has 50 000 shares of 10

Newly formed T&M Steel Corporation has 50,000 shares of $10 par common stock authorized. On March 1, 2013, T&M Steel issued 5,000 shares of the stock for $15 per share. On May 2 the company issued an additional 8,000 shares for $18 per share. T&M Steel was not affected by other events during 2013.

a. Record the transactions in a horizontal statements model like the following one. In the Cash Flow column, indicate whether the item is an operating activity (OA), investing activity (IA), or financing activity (FA). Use NA to indicate that an element was not affected by the event.

b. Determine the amount T&M Steel would report for common stock on the December 31, 2013, balance sheet.
c. Determine the amount T&M Steel would report for paid-in capital in excess of par.
d. What is the total amount of capital contributed by the owners?
e. What amount of total assets would T&M Steel report on the December 31, 2013, balance sheet?
f. Prepare journal entries to record the March 1 and May 2transactions.
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