Question: NIKE Inc is the best known sports shoe apparel and equipment

NIKE, Inc., is the best-known sports shoe, apparel, and equipment company in the world because of its association with sports stars such as LeBron James and Serena Williams. Some of the items included in its recent statement of cash flows presented using the indirect methods are listed here. Indicate whether each item is disclosed in the operating activities (O), investing activities (I), or financing activities (F) section of the statement or use (NA) if the item does not appear on the statement.
_______ 1. Additions to long-term debt.
_______ 2. Depreciation.
_______ 3. Additions to property, plant, and equipment.
_______ 4. Increase (decrease) in notes payable. (The amount is owed to financial institutions.)
_______ 5. (Increase) decrease in other current assets.
_______ 6. Cash received from disposal of property, plant, and equipment.
_______ 7. Reductions in long-term debt.
_______ 8. Issuance of stock.
_______ 9. (Increase) decrease in inventory.
_______ 10. Net income.

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