Nissan Motor Company wanted to find leverage factors for marketing the Maxima model in the United States. The company hired a market research firm in New York City to carry out an analysis of the factors that make people favor the model in question. As part of the analysis, the market research firm selected a random sample of 17 people and asked them to fill out a questionnaire about the importance of three automobile characteristics: prestige, comfort, and economy. Each respondent reported the importance he or she gave to each of the three attributes on a 0-100 scale. Each respondent then spent some time becoming acquainted with the car's features and drove it on a test run. Finally, each of the respondents gave an overall appeal score for the model on a 0-100 scale. The appeal score was considered the dependent variable, and the three attribute scores were considered independent variables. A multiple regression analysis was carried out, and the results included the following ANOVA table. Complete the table. Based on the results, is there a regression relationship between the appeal score and at least one of the attribute variables? Explain.

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