Question: Nissan produces a car that sells in Japan for 1 8

Nissan produces a car that sells in Japan for ¥1.8 million.
On September 1, the beginning of the model year, the exchange rate is ¥150:$1. Consequently, Nissan sets the U.S. sticker price at $12,000. By October 1, the exchange rate has dropped to ¥125:$1. Nissan is concerned because it now receives only $12,000 × 125 = ¥1.5 million per U.S. sale.
a. What scenarios are consistent with the U.S. dollar's depreciation?
b. What alternatives are open to Nissan to improve its situation?
c. How should Nissan respond in this situation?
d. Suppose that on November 1, the U.S. Federal Reserve intervenes to rescue the dollar, and the exchange rate adjusts to ¥220:$1 by the following July. What problems and/or opportunities does this situation present for Nissan and for General Motors?

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