Norma Hunter a paralegal works for the law firm of
Norma Hunter, a paralegal, works for the law firm of Everett & Mullins, a respected medium-sized law firm. Her supervising attorney is Rick Everett, who specializes in criminal defense work. Norma assists Rick in the initial client interview by taking notes to be sure that they do not miss any facts. She often accompanies Rick to the jail to interview incarcerated clients. Rick was called to represent Charles Nix, a man accused of raping and murdering several women in the area. Rick and Norma went to the jail to interview Charles. The arraignment was scheduled for the next week.
As they entered the interview room, Charles was present, as was a guard who would not let Charles out of his sight. Halfway through the interview, Rick was called out of the room to answer a telephone call. While he was gone, Charles continued his story and asked Norma many questions that affected his rights. He also asked Norma for some legal advice concerning his case.
a. What should Norma’s response be?
b. Does attorney-client privilege apply to this situation?
c. Does attorney-client privilege apply to the time Rick was out of the room?
d. If you were Norma, what would you do?
e. If you were Norma, how would you protect attorney-client privilege?

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