Notice that the calculations called for here do not involve cost of capital. William Edwards, Inc. (WEI) had one million shares of common stock outstanding on 12/31/20X0. The stock had been sold for an average of $8.00 per share and had a market price of $13.25 per share on that date. WEI also had a balance of $5.0 million in its retained earnings account on that date. The following projection has been made for WEI’s next five years of operations:
Compute the MVA as of 12/31/X0, and compute EVA, the change in MVA, as a result of each subsequent year’s activity. (Assume that all shares issued during any given year received the dividends declared that year.) Comment on management’s projected performance over the five- year period. What would you do if you represented a majority of the stockholders. Would the result have been different before MVA/EVA analysis?

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