Numerous studies have found that males report higher self-esteem than females, especially for adolescents (Kling, Hyde, Showers, & Buswell, 1999). Typical results show a mean self-esteem score of M = 39.0 with SS = 60.2 for a sample of n = 10 male adolescents and a mean of M = 35.4 with SS = 69.4 for a sample of n = 10 female adolescents.
a. Do the results indicate that self-esteem is significantly higher for males? Use a one-tailed test with a = .01.
b. Use the data to make a 95% confidence interval estimate of the mean difference in self-esteem between male and female adolescents.
c. Write a sentence demonstrating how the results from the hypothesis test and the confidence interval would appear in a research report.

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