Question: Obtain a forensic accountant s report issued to Representative Ann Rivers

Obtain a forensic accountant’s report issued to Representative Ann Rivers in the State of Washington. The report can be accessed via a link at The report can also be located by performing a Google search using “forensic accountant slams high costs, low competition” as a search term. A link to the white paper is available at the bottom of the article.
a. As described in the chapter, is this summary, ­detailed, or calculation report?
b. Assess the quality of this report using the following ten tips for effective report writing presented in the chapter:
1. Be clear.
2. Be concise but comprehensive.
3. Focus on the purpose (why you are writing).
4. Be mindful of your audience.
5. Use correct grammar.
6. Maintain a professional tone.
7. Avoid redundant statements.
8. Proof, proof, and proof again.
9. Expect your report, and every word contained therein, to be closely examined and challenged. 10. Read others’ work.

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