Obtain from your library the Internet or other source the
Obtain from your library, the Internet, or other source the most recent annual report of a publicly owned company.
a. Using the annual report data, compute the basic measures of liquidity, long-term credit risk, and profitability summarized in Exhibit 14–26. Compare these measures with the appropriate industry norms available in your library. Briefly comment on your findings.
b. Using the financial pages of a daily newspaper (such as The Wall Street Journal), determine
(1) The current market price of your company’s common stock,
(2) Its 52-week high and low market prices, and
(3) Its p/e ratio. Briefly comment on your findings.
c. On the basis of your analysis in parts a and b, make a recommendation as to whether investors should buy shares of the stock, hold the shares they currently own, or sell the shares they currently own. Defend your position.

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