Question: Obtain General Electric s 2009 annual report either through the Investor

Obtain General Electric’s 2009 annual report either through the “Investor Relations” portion of its Web site (do a web search for GE investor relations) or go to and click “Search for Company Filings” under “Filings and Forms”
1. Determine the amounts in the accounting equation for the most recent year. Does it balance?
2. What is the normal balance for the following accounts?
a. Current Receivables
b. Short-Term Borrowings
c. Sales of Services
d. Property, Plant, and Equipment—Net
e. Cost of Goods Sold
f. Inventories
g. Retained Earnings
3. Identify the additional account that is most likely involved when:
a. Accounts Payable is decreased.
b. Accounts Receivables is increased.
c. Common Stock is increased.
d. Wages Payable is increased.

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