Obtain Priceline com s 2009 10 K remember the 2009 10 K is filed
Obtain Priceline.com’s 2009 10-K (remember, the 2009 10-K is filed with the SEC in early 2010) through the ‘‘Investor Relations’’ portion of their website (do a web search for Priceline investor relations), or go to http://www.sec.gov and click ‘‘Search for Company Filings’’ under ‘‘Filings & Forms.’’

1. How many shares of common stock are authorized, issued, and outstanding at December31, 2009?
2. What is Priceline.com’s dividend policy? Why didn’t Priceline.com pay dividends to common stockholders in any of the three years shown?
3. What is the common stockholders’ equity at December 31, 2009 (in thousands)?
4. How many shares of treasury stock were held at the end of 2009?
5. Calculate the dividend and stock repurchase payouts.
6. Taking the weighted average number of basic common shares outstanding from the EPS information at the bottom of the income statement, calculate the stockholder profitability ratios.
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