Question: Obtain Starbucks s 2013 annual report cither using the Investor Relations

Obtain Starbucks’s 2013 annual report cither using the “Investor Relations" portion of its website (do a web search for Starbucks investor relations) or go to and click “Search for company filings" under “Filings and Fomas (EDGAR)."
What was the total amount of intangible assets that Starbucks reported at the
1. End of its 2013 fiscal year, and what was the amount of each component?
2. Do you think that Starbucks has additional intangible assets that are not recorded on the balance sheet? Why? How would this issue affect your understanding of the company’s financial performance?
3. Is any information provided on the intangible assets that were purchased during the year?
4. What is the average remaining useful life of the intangible assets with a finite life?
5. Why doc s Starbucks amortize some of its intangible assets but not others? How much amortization expense docs Starbucks expect to recognize over the next 5 years?

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