Question: Obtain Starbucks s 2013 annual reports either using the Investor Relations

Obtain Starbucks’s 2013 annual reports either using the “Investor Relations” portion of its website (do a Web search for starbucks investor relations) or go to http;/ / and click “search for company filling” under “filling and Forms (EDGAR).”
1. What is the value of starbucks’s property, plant, and equipment?
2. What categories of property, plant, and equipment does Starbucks report in its financial statements?
3. What type of asset is work in progress?
4. What is the effect of the capitalization of interest on Starbuck’s financial statements?
5. How much cash was used to purchase property, plant, and equipment in 2013?
6. How does Starbucks’s fixed asset turnover. What does this ratio tell you?

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