Question: Obtain The Coca Cola Company s 2013 annual report either using the

Obtain The Coca-Cola Company’s 2013 annual report either using the “Investor Relations" portion of its website (do a web search for Coca-Cola investor relations) or go to and dick “Search for company filings" under “Filings and Forms (EDGAR).” Answer each of the questions for (a) the company’s pension benefits and (b) the company’s other benefits.
1. How much arc Coca-Cola’s Pension Benefits expense and Other Benefits expense in 2013?
2. How much arc Coca-Cola’s actual and expected return on plan assets for its Pension Benefits plans for 2013?
3. How much arc Coca-Cola’s Projected Benefit obligation and accumulated benefit obligation at December 31,2013, for its Pension Benefits plans?
4. Is each of Coca-Cola’s Pension Benefits and Other Benefits plans in a net asset or liability' position at December 31,2013?
5. Conceptually, what were the effects of the increase in the discount rate in 2013 on the amounts disclosed by the company (no calculations arc required)?

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