Question: Obtain the Form 10 Ks for these three companies Ball Corporation

Obtain the Form 10-Ks for these three companies: Ball Corporation, Laboratory Corporation of Americia (LabCorp), and Transocean, Ltd. To obtain the Form 10-Ks, you can use the EDGAR system (see Appendix A at the back of this text for instructions), or they can be found on the companies’ websites: (Investors Relations), (Investors), and (Investor Relations). Read the “Item 1. Business” sections of these 10-Ks in order to understand the nature of each company’s business.

For each company, determine if it primarily uses a job-order or process costing system to compute the cost of the products or services it sells. Explain the rationale for your answer. If you believe a company uses elements of both job-order and process costing systems, a hybrid system, explain the rationale for that conclusion.

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