Question: Okanagan Orchard Products Ltd is a manufacturer of jams and

Okanagan Orchard Products Ltd. is a manufacturer of jams and jellies. It distributes its products to food retailers across Canada. Okanagan's objective is to be the number one distributor of its product lines in Canada. Okanagan competes against a limited number of Canadian companies, but also must compete against several large American food manufacturers. It seeks to increase market share through the delivery of quality products. It believes it can achieve its objectives through high quality control in its manufacturing processes, improved efficiency (particularly relating to yields), and innovation of its products.
Okanagan has had problems with employee turnover, both in production and administration. It pays competitive wages but still has struggled managing employee turnover.
Employee surveys have determined that employees do not believe the company provides adequate training or support and that employees are unaware of opportunities for advancement.
1. Create a balanced scorecard for Okanagan Orchard Products Ltd. using the traditional four perspectives.
2. What types of sustainability measures would you recommend for Okanagan?
3. What specific measures could Okanagan take to address its employee turnover issues?

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