Question: Olympia Fabrics manufacturers a specialty monogrammed blanket The following are

Olympia Fabrics manufacturers a specialty monogrammed blanket. The following are the cost and labor standards for this blanket:
Direct material (fabric): 2.0 yards per blanket at $ 8.50 per yard
Direct labor: 1.5 direct labor hours per blanket at $ 12.00 per hour
Actual results from last month’s production of 1,700 blankets are as follows: Actual cost of 4,590 yards of direct material (fabric) purchased: $ 35,802 Actual yards of direct material (fabric) used: 3,990 Actual wages for 2,670 direct labor hours worked: $ 29,904

1. What is the standard direct material cost for one blanket?
2. What is the actual cost per yard of fabric purchased?
3. Calculate the direct material price and quantity variances.
4. What is the standard direct labor cost for one blanket?
5. What is the actual direct labor cost per hour?
6. Calculate the direct labor rate and efficiency variances.
7. Analyze each variance and speculate as to what may have caused that variance.
8. Look at all four variances together (the big picture). How might they all be related? What variance is very likely to have caused the other variances?

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