On april 1 2011 jiro nozomi created a new travel
On April 1, 2011, Jiro Nozomi created a new travel agency, Adventure Travel. The following transactions occurred during the company’s first month.
April 1 Nozomi invested $32,000 cash and computer equipment worth $26,000 in the company in exchange for its common stock.
2 The company rented furnished office space by paying $1,300 cash for the first month’s (April) rent.
3 The company purchased $2,500 of office supplies for cash.
10 The company paid $2,502 cash for the premium on a 12-month insurance policy. Coverage begins on April 11.
14 The company paid $2,300 cash for two weeks’ salaries earned by employees.
24 The company collected $16,000 cash on commissions from airlines on tickets obtained for customers.
28 The company paid $2,400 cash for two weeks’ salaries earned by employees.
29 The company paid $750 cash for minor repairs to the company’s computer.
30 The company paid $550 cash for this month’s telephone bill.
30 The company paid $1,200 cash for dividends.
The company’s chart of accounts follows:
1. Use the balance column format to set up a ledger account for each account listed in its chart of accounts.
2. Prepare journal entries to record the April transactions and post them to the ledger accounts. The company records prepaid and unearned items in balance sheet accounts.
3. Prepare an unadjusted trial balance as of April 30.
4. Use the following information to journalize and post adjusting entries for the month.
a. Two-thirds of one month’s insurance coverage has expired.
b. At the end of the month, $700 of office supplies are still available.
c. This month’s depreciation on the computer equipment is $500.
d. Employees earned $720 of unpaid and unrecorded salaries as of month-end.
e. The company earned $3,050 of commissions that are not yet billed at month-end.
5. Prepare the income statement and the statement of retained earnings for the month of April and the balance sheet as of April 30, 2011.
6. Prepare journal entries to close the temporary accounts and post these entries to the ledger.
7. Prepare a post-closing trial balance.
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