On April 1 20X5 Marsh Ltd purchased 25 of the
On April 1, 20X5, Marsh Ltd. purchased 25% of the outstanding common shares of King Corp. for $ 6,000,000. The carrying value of King’s net assets was $ 16,000,000, an amount that also approximated their fair value. For the year ended December 31, 20X5, King reported net income of $ 800,000 and Marsh reported net income of $ 10,200,000. King paid dividends of $ 50,000 in each of the first two quarters of 20X5, and $ 75,000 in each of the last two quarters. There were no intercompany transactions during the year. Both companies generate their incomes fairly evenly throughout the year. Assume no goodwill impairment.

Compute the amounts that would appear on Marsh’s 20X5 SCI as income from investment in King, and the balance of the investment account on the December 31, 20X5, statement of financial position, assuming that Marsh uses:
1. The cost method
2. The equity method

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