Question: On August 1 2016 the accountant for Western Imports downloaded

On August 1, 2016, the accountant for Western Imports downloaded the company's July 31, 2016, bank statement from the bank's website. The balance shown on the bank statement was $28,760.
The July 31, 2016, balance in the Cash account in the general ledger was $14,042.
Jenny Irvine, the accountant for Western Imports, noted the following differences between the bank's records and the company's Cash account in the general ledger:
a. An electronic funds transfer for $14,600 from Foncier Ricard, a customer located in France, was received by the bank on July 31.
b. Check 1422 was correctly written and recorded for $1,200. The bank mistakenly paid the check for $1,280.
c. The accounting records indicate that Check 1425 was issued for $60 to make a purchase of supplies. However, examination of the check online showed that the actual amount of the check was for $90.
d. A deposit of $900 made after banking hours on July 31 did not appear on the July 31 bank statement.
e. The following checks were outstanding: Check 1429 for $1,249, and Check 1430 for $141.
f. An automatic debit of $262 on July 31 from CentralComm for telephone service appeared on the bank statement but had not been recorded in the company's accounting records.

1. Prepare a bank reconciliation for the firm as of July 31.
2. Record general journal entries for the items on the bank reconciliation that must be journalized. Date the entries July 31, 2016. Use 19 as the page number.

What effect on total expenses occurred as a result of the general journal entries recorded?

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