On December 31, the end of the year, the accountant for Fireside Magazine was called away suddenly because of an emergency. However, before leaving, the accountant jotted down a few notes pertaining to the adjustments. Journalize the necessary adjusting entries. Assume that Fireside Magazine uses the periodic inventory system.
a– b. A physical count of inventory revealed a balance of $ 199,830. The Merchandise Inventory account shows a balance of $ 202,839.
c. Subscriptions received in advance amounting to $ 156,200 were recorded as Unearned Subscriptions. At year-end, $ 103,120 has been earned.
d. Depreciation of equipment for the year is $ 12,300.
e. The amount of expired insurance for the year is $ 1,612.
f. The balance of Prepaid Rent is $ 2,400, representing four months’ rent. Three months’ rent has expired.
g. Three days’ salaries will be unpaid at the end of the year; total weekly (five days’) salaries are $ 4,000.
h. As of December 31, the balance of the supplies account is $ 1,800. A physical inventory of the supplies was taken, with an amount of $ 920 determined to be on hand.

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