Question: On January 1 2 014 the accounting records of Sasseville

On January 1, 2 014, the accounting records of Sasseville Ltee included a debit balance of $15 million in the building account and of $12 million in the related accumulated depreciation account. The building was purchased in January 1974 for $15 million, and was estimated to have a 50-year useful life with no residual value. Sasseville uses the straight-line depreciation method for all of its property, plant, and equipment. During 2014, the following expenditures relating to the building were made:
1. The original roof of the building was removed and replaced with a new roof. The old roof cost $1 million and the new roof cost S2 .5 million. It is expected to have a 15 -year useful life.
2. The ongoing frequent repairs on the building during the year cost $57,000.
3. The building's old heating system was replaced with a new one. The new HVAC cost $700,000 and is estimated to have a seven-year useful life and no residual value. The cost of the old HVAC is unknown.
4. A natural gas explosion caused $44,000 of damage to the building. This major repair did not change the estimated useful life of the building.
Prepare the journal entries to record the expenditures related to the building during 2014.

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