Question: On January 1 2012 Allentown issued 800 000 of 9 serial

On January 1, 2012, Allentown issued $800,000 of 9% serial bonds at par. Semiannual interest is payable on January 1 and July 1 and principal of $80,000 matures each January 1 starting in 2013. The debt will be serviced through a special tax levy designed especially for this purpose. Therefore, transfers will be provided as needed from the Special Revenue Fund.
The following transactions occurred relating to the Debt Service Fund.
June 29 A transfer of $36,000 was received from the Special Revenue Fund.
July 1 The semiannual interest payment was made.
Dec. 18 A Special Revenue Fund transfer of $20,000 was received.
Jan. 1 A payment on bond principal and semiannual interest was made.
Jan. 2 Accumulations in the Debt Service Fund amounted to $55,000 in investments and $40,000 in cash. The investments were liquidated at face value and the final interest and principal payment was made.
Jan.4 Having served its purpose, the Debt Service Fund’s remaining assets were transferred to the Special Revenue Fund.

Prepare the journal entries necessary to record the foregoing transactions.

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