Question: On January 1 2017 Fro Yo Inc began offering customers a

On January 1, 2017, Fro-Yo Inc. began offering customers a cash rebate of $5.00 if the customer mails in 10 proof of-purchase labels from its frozen yogurt containers. Based on historical experience, the company estimates that 20% of the labels will be redeemed. During 2017, the company sold 5,000,000 frozen yogurt containers at $1 per container. From these sales, 800,000 labels were redeemed in 2017, 150,000 labels were redeemed in 2018, and the remaining labels were never redeemed.
1. Prepare the journal entries related to the sale of frozen yogurt and the cash rebate offer for 2017 and 2018.
2. Next Level Assume that 300,000 labels were redeemed in 2018. Prepare the journal entries related to the cash rebate offer for 2018.

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