On January 1, 20X2, End Corporation acquired all of Cork Corporation’s assets and liabilities by issuing shares of its common stock. Partial balance sheet data for the companies prior to the business combination and immediately following the combination are as follows:

a. What number of shares did End issue to acquire Cork’s assets and liabilities?
b. What was the total market value of the shares issued by End?
c. What was the fair value of the inventory held by Cork at the date of combination?
d. What was the fair value of the identifiable net assets held by Cork at the date of combination?
e. What amount of goodwill, if any, will be reported by the combined entity immediately following the combination?
f. What balance in retained earnings will the combined entity report immediately following the combination?
g. If the depreciable assets held by Cork had an average remaining life of 10 years at the date of acquisition, what amount of depreciation expense will be reported on those assets in20X2?

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