On January 1 20X4 Parent Ltd purchased 90 of the
On January 1, 20X4, Parent Ltd. purchased 90% of the shares of Sub Ltd. for $ 975,000. At that time Sub Ltd. had the following SFP:
Sub Ltd.
Statement of Financial Position
January 1, 20X4

The bonds were issued at par and will mature in 10 years. Sub Ltd. has a receivables and inventory turnover of greater than six times per year. The capital assets have an average of 10 years of remaining life and are being amortized straight- line. The annual tests for goodwill impairment have indicated no impairment of goodwill since the date of acquisition.
In 20X4, Sub Ltd. sold inventory to Parent Ltd. for $ 320,000; the inventory had cost $ 260,000. At the end of 20X4, 25% was still in Parent’s inventory but it was all sold in 20X5.
In 20X5, Parent Ltd. sold inventory to Sub Ltd. for $ 275,000; the inventory had cost $ 200,000. At the end of 20X5, 35% was left in Sub’s inventory.
During 20X4, the subsidiary earned $ 875,000 and paid dividends of $ 60,000. During 20X5, the subsidiary incurred a loss of $ 172,000 and paid dividends of $ 60,000.
The parent company used the cost method for the investment in subsidiary and netted almost everything to “Other expenses.”
At December 31, 20X5, the following financial statements were available:
Statements of Financial Position
December 31, 20X5

Statements of Comprehensive Income
Year Ended December 31, 20X5

Under the entity method
a. Prepare a consolidated statement of comprehensive income for 20X5.
b. Calculate the amounts that would appear on the consolidated SFP at December 31, 20X5, for:
1) Goodwill
2) Capital assets, net
3) Bonds payable
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