Question: On January 1 Beckman Inc acquires 60 percent of the

On January 1, Beckman, Inc., acquires 60 percent of the outstanding stock of Calvin for $36,000. Calvin Co. has one recorded asset, a specialized production machine with a book value of $10,000 and no liabilities. The fair value of the machine is $50,000, and the remaining useful life is estimated to be 10 years. Any remaining excess fair value is attributable to an unrecorded process trade secret with an estimated future life of 4 years. Calvin’s total acquisition-date fair value is $60,000. At the end of the year, Calvin reports the following in its financial statements:

Determine the amounts that Beckman should report in its year-end consolidated financial statements for noncontrolling interest in subsidiary income, total noncontrolling interest, Calvin’s machine (net of accumulated depreciation), and the process tradesecret.

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