Question: On July 1 1994 The Press of Atlantic City NJ

On July 1, 1994, The Press of Atlantic City, NJ, had a headline reading, “Study: Female hormone makes mind keener” (p. A2). Here is part of the report:
Halbreich said he tested 36 post-menopausal women before and after they started the estrogen therapy. He gave each one a battery of tests that measured such things as memory, hand-eye coordination, reflexes and the ability to learn new information and apply it to a problem. After estrogen therapy started, he said, there was a subtle but statistically significant increase in the mental scores of the patients.
Explain what you learned about the study, in the context of the material in this chapter, by reading this quote. Be sure to specify the hypotheses that were being tested and what you know about the statistical results.

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