Question: On June 1 2015 Elisha and Ezra who are equal

On June 1, 2015 Elisha and Ezra (who are equal partners) contribute property to form the Double E Partnership. Elisha contributes cash of $200,000. Ezra contributes a building and land with an adjusted basis and fair market value of $340,000, subject to a liability of $140,000. The partnership borrows $20,000 to finance construction of a parking lot in front of the building. At the end of the first year (December 31), the accrual basis partnership owes $8,200 in trade accounts payable to various creditors.
The partnership reported net income of $30,000 for the year which they share equally.
Assume that Elisha and Ezra share equally in partnership liabilities. How much is Elisha's basis in the partnership interest on December 31? Ezra's?

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