Question: On June 30 20X1 Punt Corporation acquired 70 of the

On June 30, 20X1, Punt Corporation acquired 70% of the outstanding common shares of Slide Ltd. for $ 3,326,000 in cash plus Punt Corporation common shares estimated to have a fair market value of $ 1,200,000. On the date of acquisition, the fair market value and carrying value of each of Slide Ltd.’ s assets were generally equal, except for inventory, which was undervalued by $ 225,000, and capital assets ( net), which was overvalued by $ 1,000,000. The shareholders’ equity of Slide at that time was $ 3,440,000, consisting of:
Common shares $ 2,900,000
Retained earnings 540,000
$ 3,440,000
Statements of financial position at June 30, 20X5, are as follows:

Additional Information
1. Slide Ltd. had income of $ 1,460,000 for the year ended June 30, 20X5. Dividends of $ 480,000 were declared during the fiscal year but were not paid until August 12, 20X5.
2. Slide Ltd. has had an average inventory turnover of four times per year over the past decade.
3. The capital assets that were overvalued on the date of acquisition had a remaining useful life of 20 years.
4. Slide sold goods to punt during the year ended June 30, 20X4 at a gross profit margin of 25%. The opening inventory of Punt at July 1, 20X4 included items purchased from Slide in the amount of $ 160,000. There were no sales from Slide to punt during the year ended June 30, 20X5
5. Punt sold goods to Slide Ltd. during the current fiscal year at a gross profit margin of 30%. Of the $ 750,000 of sales, goods worth $ 200,000 were in Slide’s closing inventory at June 30, 20X5. None of these intercompany sales still in inventory had been paid for at the fiscal year- end.
6. Both companies follow the straight- line method for depreciating capital assets.
7. The controller of Punt has informed you that, to date, there has been no impairment in goodwill.

Prepare the consolidated statement of financial position for Punt Corporation and its subsidiary, Slide Ltd., at June 30,20X5.
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