Question: On learning that S bastien planned to travel abroad Roslyn asked

On learning that Sébastien planned to travel abroad, Roslyn asked him to deliver $ 25,000 in cash to her family in Mexico. During a customs inspection at the border, Sébastien told the customs inspector that he carried less than $ 10,000. The officer discovered the actual amount of cash that Sébastien was carrying, seized it, and arrested Sébastien. Roslyn asked the government to return what she claimed were her funds, arguing that the arrangement with Sébastien was a bailment and that she still held title to the cash
(a) The first group will argue that Roslyn is entitled to the cash.
(b) The second group will take the position of the government and develop an argument that Roslyn’s agreement with Sébastien does not qualify as a bailment.

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