On March 6, 2013, Cobb’s Imports purchased merchandise from Games Inc. with a list price of $19,000, terms 2y10, ny45. On March 10, Cobb’s returned merchandise to Games Inc. for credit.
The list price of the returned merchandise was $8,500. Cobb’s paid cash to settle the accounts payable on March 15, 2013.

a. What is the amount of the check that Cobb’s must write to Games Inc. on March 15?
b. Record the events in a horizontal statements model like the following one.

c. How much would Cobb’s pay for the merchandise purchased if the payment is not made until March 20, 2013?
d. Record the payment of the merchandise in Requirement c in a horizontal statements model like the one shown above.
e. Why would Games Inc. sell merchandise with the terms 2y10,ny45?

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