Question: On March 7 2012 Celgene Corporation acquired all of the

On March 7, 2012, Celgene Corporation acquired all of the outstanding stock of Avila Therapeutics, Inc. in exchange for $352.2 million in cash plus contingent consideration.
Referring to Celgene’s 2012 financial statements answer the following questions regarding the Avila Therapeutics acquisition.
1. Why did Celgene acquire Avila Therapeutics?
2. What accounting method was used, and for what amount, to record the acquisition?
3. What allocations did Celgene make to the assets acquired and liabilities assumed in the acquisition? Provide a calculation showing how Celgene determined the amount allocated to goodwill.
4. How did Celgene account for the contingent consideration portion of the deal? What is the maximum potential contingent consideration payout to the former owners of Avila Therapeutics?
5. How did Celgene account for the in-process research and development product rights acquired in the combination?

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