Question: On May 1 2014 Lowell Company began the manufacture of

On May 1, 2014, Lowell Company began the manufacture of a new paging machine known as Dandy. The company installed a standard costing system to account for manufacturing costs. The standard costs for a unit of Dandy follow:
Direct materials (2 lb. at $ 3 per lb.) ..........................$ 6.00
Direct manufacturing labor (1/ 2 hour at $ 16 per hour) .............8.00
Manufacturing overhead (80% of direct manufacturing labor costs)...... 6.40
$ 20.40
The following data were obtained from Lowell’s records for the month of May:

Actual production in May was 4,700 units of Dandy, and actual sales in May were 3,000 units. The amount shown for direct materials price variance applies to materials purchased during May. There was no beginning inventory of materials on May 1, 2014. Compute each of the following items for Lowell for the month of May. Show your computations.

1. Standard direct manufacturing labor-hours allowed for actual output produced
2. Actual direct manufacturing labor-hours worked
3. Actual direct manufacturing labor wage rate
4. Standard quantity of direct materials allowed (in pounds)
5. Actual quantity of direct materials used (in pounds)
6. Actual quantity of direct materials purchased (in pounds)
7. Actual direct materials price perpound

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