On May 1 Soriano Co reported the following account balances
On May 1, Soriano Co. reported the following account balances along with their estimated fair values:

On that day, Zambrano paid cash to acquire all of the assets and liabilities of Soriano, which will cease to exist as a separate entity. To facilitate the merger, Zambrano also paid $100,000 to an investment banking firm.
The following information was also available:
• Zambrano further agreed to pay an extra $70,000 to the former owners of Soriano only if they meet certain revenue goals during the next two years. Zambrano estimated the present value of its probability adjusted expected payment for this contingency at $35,000.
• Soriano has a research and development project in process with an appraised value of $200,000. However, the project has not yet reached technological feasibility and the project’s assets have no alternative future use.
Prepare Zambrano’s journal entries to record the Soriano acquisition assuming its initial cash payment to the former owners was
a. $700,000.
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