On the basis of the information provided, indicate how much profit or loss you would make in each of the futures transactions listed below.
a. You buy 3 yen contracts at a quote of 1.0180 and sell them a few months later at
1.0365 (12,500,000 yen per contract; prices quoted in $ per 100 yen).
b. The price of oats (5,000 bushels/contract; cents/bu) goes up $0.60 a bushel, and you hold 3 contracts.
c. You short sell 2 feeder cattle contracts (50,000 lb/contract; cents/lb) at $1.24 a pound and the price drops to $1.03 per pound.
d. You recently purchased a Swiss franc contract (CHF 125,000/contract; $/CHF) at
0.7272, and 6 weeks later the contract is trading at 0.685.
e. You short sell S&P 500 contracts ($250 * index) when the index is at 1,396.55 and cover when the index moves to 1,371.95.
f. You short 3 corn contracts (5,000 bushels/contract; cents/bu) at $2.34 a bushel and the price of corn goes to $2.495 a bushel.

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